As four books are published, the number of page review increased quite a lot recently. The interior work will be done in late April, so we have started early registrations. Please feel free to ask any questions or comments via the form below. Currently the time tables are not fixed yet. Your request might be likely accepted. If you have any favor, please share it with us.



  • Targeted to students with no programming background:
  • Visual block programming (e.g. Scratch,, etc.)
  • Basic programming (e.g. CodeMonkey)
  • Course taught using Raspberry PI


  • Targeted to beginners who just started programming:
  • Typing in English required.
  • HTML Basics, Python Basics, JavaScript Basics


  • Targeted to students who have some experience with programming:
  • AI/VR/Unity/…
  • Covers Basic Math (Vector/Matrix/Trigonometric function).
  • Basics of 3D graphics

Time table

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Intermediate09:00-10:30 Off Basic16:30-18:00 Off Intermediate16:30-18:00 Basic16:30-18:00 Basic09:00-10:30
Basic11:00-12:30 Off Intermediate18:15-19:45 Off Basic18:15-19:45 Intermediate18:15-19:45 Intermediate11:00-12:30
Advanced13:00-14:30 Off Intermediate20:00-21:30 Off Advanced20:00-21:30 Advanced13:00-14:30

Monthly Fees

  • Three times a month
    • Normal lesson: Twice a month (90 min for a lesson, in general:1st week and the 3rd week)
    • An open day: Once a month (you can come anytime, in general: the second week). You can study with your friends, study by oneself and ask questions, you can do whatever you want. If the school cancels a lesson, we compensate it on this day. If a student couldn’t attend a regular lesson, we will follow up him or her on this day.
  • Registration fee (tax not included)
    • 5000 yen (not including Raspberry PI)
    • 10000 yen (including Raspberry PI)
  • Monthly fee (tax not included)
    • Basic: 12000 yen
    • Intermediate: 14000 yen
    • Advanced: 16000 yen


Expand the possibility of the next generation through IT education

Chamath Palihapitiya, the former vice president of Facebook said, “Learn to code and you’ll be employed for the rest of your life." Barack Obama said, “Don’t just buy a new video game, make one. Don’t just play on your phone, program it.”

There are many opportunities for students who learn programming. Some students may be looking to make local connections. Some students may want to study more advanced subjects. Programming is a common language which allows you to communicate internationally.

We are a programming school located in Yokohama/Tokyo, run by individuals with countless invaluable experiences in IT industry. We want to pass on meaningful knowledge to the next generation. We also want to provide a space where students from international backgrounds can interact and learn together.


Professional Experience

Worked at Microsoft as Program Manager (Windows), Software Developer (XBox), Software Development Engineer (Media Center), and Support Engineer (Office 365).

Software Developer at Canon Information Media Research Lab. Implemented browser for digital TV Data Service on Digital Broadcasting Station (a joint venture between Canon, Hitachi, Fujitsu, and TV Asahi). Source code licensed to Microsoft.

Additional Qualifications/Licenses

Obtained government Small-to-medium Business Consultant License (2016). Published author of professional training manuals. Taught at IT college and high school, working with students to develop practical programming skills and broaden their future career prospects. Graduated from Keio University with Master of Computer Science.

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